We make it easy and awesome to engage your top talent in the community 


How we work

Engine for Good facilitates collaborative consulting projects that give executives and teams the opportunity to use their skills for the greater good.

We create opportunities for business leaders to use their greatest asset - their people - to help solve social challenges in collaboration with community leaders and nonprofits. 

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The ultimate win-win

Engine for Good aligns corporate executive teams with high-impact nonprofits for collaborative consulting projects that serve the needs of all stakeholders. The impact:

  • Stronger Teams. Executive teams unite for a common purpose leading to greater ongoing collaboration. 

  • Better Leaders. Executives enhance their knowledge, tools, and networks.

  • Healthier Communities. Nonprofits flourish with an infusion of expert guidance, insight, and exposure to a new group of advocates.


The bottom line

Engage your team in a shared purpose and business results will follow

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Easy. Awesome. Effective.  

Engine for Good handles the details: Assessing and matching your goals to the needs of the nonprofit, managing the process for exceptional outcomes, and helping both sides find win-win solutions. We guide the process every step of the way. 

Real Advantage. Executives and their teams collaborate for results while learning and practicing new skills for innovation and communication.

Real Value. Our programs deliver strategic support to nonprofits that they wouldn't otherwise be able to afford. That means greater efficiency in serving the community and people in need.

Real Good. With our support, your team will use their knowledge and skills to help innovative nonprofits do more with less. Skills-based experiences generate 6.5 times more value to nonprofits compared with volunteering alternatives.

Let's Connect!

All you have to do is let us know which engagement type works the best for you. We'll take care of almost everything else. This is a partnership in the best sense of the word. In making it easy and awesome, we take the hard work and logistics off your plate. But you’ll still be fully engaged and in-the-loop. 

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One Day - Team Building Program

This is the ultimate sprint challenge. Executives work together to address a strategic opportunity in a single day. They participate in collaborative ideation and present actionable recommendations. This is real impact, all in a day’s work.

Ideal for: Existing teams, large company meetings and conferences

Multi-Week Leadership Program

Looking for a longer-term opportunity? In our multi-week leadership program, executives onboard at the organization. They identify key insights about the challenge at hand and use those insights to create strategic recommendations. Bonus: It’s not all about project work. This process also affords plenty of opportunity to work toward personal milestones and develop professional capabilities.

Ideal for: High-performers and emerging leaders